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Children and teenagers

A little apprehension is a natural part of life but if anxiety or fears impact the lives of young people then together, we can change this.  


Cognitive Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K can help your child become free to enjoy life with confidence, rather than being held back by their problem.  Young people enjoy the process and confidence and self-belief are instilled easily and effortlessly.

Problems can include phobias, anxiety, fear of speaking up and exam stress.

These problems can stop children from answering questions in class or voicing their opinion amongst

their peers.  This can lead to a general lack of confidence in life and low self-esteem.


Phobias include, but are no means limited to, an irrational fear of dogs, spiders, needles, heights, busy places, zips, deep water and much more.   

I have helped many children and teenagers and as a mother I understand how important it is for young people to feel confident and happy.  

"I took my 12 year old daughter to see Samantha after she started to get anxious... She came out of the session feeling much "lighter" in her words and we were amazed by the results which have been long lasting!"