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Exam and pre-event nerves

Some people sail through exams, while others find them so scary, they can't eat or sleep during the run up to them.  They have physical symptoms in their stomach, dry mouth, can't concentrate during the exam and their minds go blank.  There are many other symptoms and each sufferer has their own unique collection.

By installing a new belief in the subconscious part of the mind you are able to think and behave differently. Find out more about changing subconscious beliefs with PSYCH-K®.

Samantha Gant is a member of the CNHC
Samatha Grant is a Quest Cognitive Hpnotherapy graduate
PSYCH-K® - free your mind

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One of the main aims in life is to know yourself, accept yourself and like yourself

PSYCH-K available at my Hypnotherapy Reading clinic
Samantha Grant is a member of the Hypnotherapy Directory