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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

It is good to remember that this is a #temporary health problem. We know what this #virus is and it can be killed on surfaces with disinfectant. The world is working together to discover more about it and find a vaccine. We have great scientists, NHS staff and each other. There are countries where recoveries from #COVID-19 now outweigh new cases and countries where there are no new cases. We are human and we are amazing and adaptable.

Fear of the unknown is the worse type of fear there is. It dramatically elevates #stress levels. Remember that stress stifles #creativity, ingenuity, #ideas, and thoughts. Here are some things you can do to reduce this stress.

Be aware of what you DO have

Family, friends, sight, hearing, physical mobility, and your home… Talk, play, listen, love and learn from them. Sometimes it helps to consider a far worse situation than your own, then compare it to yours and it becomes easier to see what you DO have.

Create a daily timetable

If you’re at home all day then create an hourly timetable from 8am – 8pm. You want to plan and gain a sense of #achievement from each day. Don’t fill your mind with doom and gloom social media stories. Just watch the news once a day.

  1. Start the day by writing down everything that’s on your mind, don’t censor it, then put the list in the bin.

  2. Get ready for the day as usual.

  3. If you’re working from home then divide the day into 4 sections with tea breaks/lunch in between.

  4. Write a to-do list and tick things off.

  5. Have planned tea breaks where you can breathe in for the count of three and out for the count of 5 with your wrists and ankles crossed, for a few minutes. This helps to balance the hemispheres in your brain and promote calm.

  6. Learn something new from a book or the internet, how about a language or a new game.

  7. Stay hydrated because a dry mouth can make the brain feel anxious.

  8. Plan what to make for dinner, and choose a program to watch in the evening.

  9. Get into the garden, tidy the garage, or sort out your wardrobe.

  10. Have a relaxing bath (add Epsom salts if you have them), care for your skin or give yourself a pedicure.

  11. Do some exercise, maybe an online exercise class, or running on the spot as fast as you can for 30-second intervals.

  12. Find a podcast or audiobook to listen to it, perhaps while walking.

  13. Make cooking dinner a big event and a time to spend together at the table, eating and chatting, either in person or on the phone.

  14. Watch a movie or program in the evening. Make a new timetable for the next day and review what you have achieved today.

DONT watch the news all day because it is meant for people to catch up on developments. Hearing bad news continuously all day increases stress levels and lowers your vibration.

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