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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Reduce anxiety & stress. Sleep better and feel more positive.

During this lock down period, people can feel irritable, angry, worried and depressed. This can lead to drinking more, arguing and sleeping badly. I would like to offer one of my MP3's as a gift to you to help you reduce these negative feelings. The MP3 will help you to relax and feel calmer, at peace and more positive.

How do I use it?

Listen to the MP3 every night with headphones. You should ideally listen to it when you go to bed and listen every night for a few weeks. Make sure you don't drive, operate machinery or walk around while listening, and don't listen to it if you suffer from epilepsy because it will relax you. You will most probably fall asleep while listening and that's okay. The MP3 is designed to be heard and absorbed by your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind. So falling asleep is absolutely fine.

What are the benefits of listening?

In addition to helping your mind change how it feels and thinks in the most beneficial way. The MP3 will also improve your quality of sleep and your ability to get to sleep quickly. If you wake during the night then you can listen to it again and it can help you to drift off.

This is a long MP3, around 19 minutes and it contains a head to toe relaxation experience and then some powerful hypnotherapy suggestions.

It is a great thing for your body to experience this attention and purposeful relaxation. This act alone helps your body to rest, heal and restore. Stress causes the body to enter protection mode, as opposed to growth mode. This is something explained by cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton. Bruce is also the author or the international bestseller 'Biology of Belief'. For good health, we want to be in growth mode, not in protection. Those in growth thrive and those in protection survive.

Why update the subconscious?

The MP3 is designed to update your subconscious mind because it is your subconscious beliefs that drive your behaviour/thoughts/feelings. So if you want to change your behaviour and thought patterns then you need to update the beliefs in your subconscious mind.

How do I get the MP3?

If you would like a FREE MP3 then click here to download or email me at and I will send a copy to you.

Best wishes


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