Free 30-min online session for UK Key Workers* - offer ends 31 August 2020

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

During this difficult time, I want to help all UK key workers* to have good mental health.

Mental health is defined as:

'a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being' So mental health is about how you think and feel. Good mental health should be positive, calm, resilient, assured, at peace, happy...

I am giving UK key-workers** a free online 30-minute session and MP3 's to reduce fear, anxiety or stress felt as a result of this situation. Key workers - you are all incredibly important and you are keeping us safe. I want to say thank you and give something back to you.

Click here to book the session at a time that is right for you using the booking system. Or if you prefer you can call or email me to discuss what happens on 07919 577 512,

If your not sure how it could help then read my reviews. Normal sessions are 90 minutes, but in this 30-minute free session, we can absolutely change a couple of feelings from stress/anxiety to peace/calm. This means it is easier to cope, adapt, sleep, live and thrive. It changes bad mental health into good mental health.

Remember that stress stifles creativity, it's bad for your mental health and bad for your body's immune system. So take this opportunity to transform a couple of stresses and help care for yourself.

In the online session, we will use PSYCH-K to transform negative feelings. The MP3's you will receive will be Hypnotherapy.

Thank you to all of you.

*For a list of key workers

**One 30-min online session per key worker

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