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Fear of public speaking

Do you have a forthcoming speech to make and dread it?   Are you worried about it not being clear, loud or well-delivered?


If the mere thought makes you anxious, then help is at hand.  It usually takes 4-6 sessions to resolve a problem like this.


When the limiting beliefs holding you back are removed, you can present successfully.  Most people say they enjoyed delivering the speech and were very happy with how it went.

"I wanted the speech to be perfect... When the time came I was actually looking forward to it and even managed to ad lib a couple of bits. I felt great and stood up feeling confident..."

Do you hate speaking in front of a large group at work? Maybe 4 or 5 people in an audience feel okay but no more. Are you holding back from going for promotion because that job would involve presentations or leading meetings? Would you instead feel confident, look assertive and no longer worry about going blank at that crucial moment?


The physical sensations experienced when you feel this fear and lack of ability are overwhelming. Cognitive Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K can help you remove all of these feelings and allow you to enjoy the sense of achievement when you know it went well.

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