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Health and long COVID

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Did you know that emotional events, traumas and adverse experiences all play a part in your current and future health?  Is there something that you can resolve now that will prevent problems now and for your future health?

What is getting in the way of taking control of your health?  Maybe fear of MRI, needles, blood test, white coat syndrome or the dentist?

Does your subconscious mind think it is helping you in some way by giving you a particular health problem? This is called secondary gain, it is common and it is something that you can change.

The mind and body are intrinsically linked and you have much more control of your physical and mental health than you may think. The subconscious mind orchestrates every bodily function and includes mental and physical health. There are many conditions that can be improved by influencing your subconscious mind.

After an illness you can experience mental and physical problems during your recovery, this includes recovering from viruses such as covid-19. I personally suffered from a virus that caused me to stay in hospital for many weeks and I can personally say that hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K and nutrition made a fantastic difference to my confidence, anxiety, energy and cognitive ability. 


Call me to discuss your problem or symptoms and explore how I can help.  There are so many conditions and symptoms that can be alleviated by updating the subconscious mind.