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Phobias and flying

A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, situation or animal/person. Phobias include fear of flying, snakes, heights, death, needles, bees, birds, crowds, small spaces, getting a severe illness, dying, zips, mushrooms and much more.


At some point in your life, probably unknown to you why or how it happened, your subconscious mind decided it was a good thing to keep you away from the offending item. This is because your subconscious always tries to protect and keep you safe, as described on the fight or flight response page.  

Update your mind with the correct information to remove the phobia

All that needs to be done is to update your subconscious with accurate and relevant information. This will allow you to feel and think differently, and your phobia will cease becoming a problem.  I don't just use breathing exercises or exposure therapy that only addresses phobias at a conscious level. My approach works by communicating directly with your subconscious mind to update it with new safe and rational associations.


Using hypnotherapy, I can guide you into a relaxed trance state to release the fearful programming around your phobia. NLP helps rewire your thoughts and language patterns so the phobia no longer triggers panic. And PSYCH-K is a powerful way to imprint new beliefs of safety onto your subconscious.


You don't have to keep falling victim to your phobia anymore. Once we update your subconscious programming, your mind and body will get the message that there's no danger. You'll feel an inner calmness and freedom when facing your previous fear.

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