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Rita has done it again!!!!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Rita is again featured on the Guide Dogs for the Blind website, but this time on the home page.

Rita is two years old now, but for the first year of her life she lived with my family. Rita learned how to be a guide dog during this time, while giving love and companionship to us. A photo of her is once again being used on the website to promote Puppy Walking.

Puppy walking is a full-time volunteering role that involves caring for a puppy in your home, while it learns how to be a guide dog. If you think you have the time, commitment and love to be a puppy walker then read more on their website.

Guide Dogs for the Blind give training, support and guidance throughout the year. It’s a very sociable volunteer role; with weekly training classes to attend, other puppy walkers to meet and walk with.

We are very proud of Rita, all guide dogs and puppy walkers. Thank you.



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