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Neuroscience, change & PSYCH-K

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Rob Williams explains the science behind changing our mind.

"We are only conscious of 5% of our cognitive activity. Most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviour depend on 95% of our #brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness.

It is the #subconscious mind that controls all involuntary processes and functions.

These include thoughts, #beliefs, #emotions, memories, skills, instincts and behaviours of which we are not #consciously aware.

These functions originate in the subconscious mind and generate the effects we experience in our brain and body. These subconscious experiences create beliefs that drive future thoughts and behaviours. Often these thoughts are self-limiting and self-destructive."

In order to stop this cycle, we need to align our subconscious beliefs with our conscious goals. Then we can achieve the effective and sustainable change that we want.

"For many years change processes and #self-help methods have failed or produced limited or temporary results because they communicate only with the conscious mind. Relying heavily on insight, reason, will power, positive thinking and motivation."

As #RobWilliams explains in this video, it is the subconscious mind that really shapes your decisions. That’s why for effective change you need to update your subconscious mind. #Neuroscience shows why this is so in the video.

This is fast and easy to do with PSYCH-K Subconscious Mind Super Learning. #PSYCH-K uses the whole brain state to achieve high-speed mindset change by updating the subconscious mind.

Contact me to arrange a session in Caversham/Marlow/Reading or on Skype.

07919 577 512



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