Samantha Gant is a member of the CNHC
Samatha Grant is a Quest Cognitive Hpnotherapy graduate
PSYCH-K® - free your mind

You are unique and amazing  Become Yourself Today

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One of the main aims in life is to know yourself, accept yourself and like yourself

Samantha Grant is a member of the Hypnotherapy Directory
PSYCH-K available at my Hypnotherapy Reading clinic

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K 

Reading, Marlow & Caversham

Reading, Marlow & Caversham

Happiness Coaching

Welcome. Hypnotherapy & PSYCH-K in Marlow, Reading & Caversham.  


I am a wellbeing and happiness coach and I am passionate about helping people using Hypnotherapy, NLP & PSYCH-K.  I can help you overcome negative emotions, find happiness and self-belief.  

I can help with most problems so click here to read more about the different treatments offered at my Caversham, Marlow and Reading hypnotherapy clinics. 

Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K® are fast and effective

It generally takes between 4-6 sessions, depending upon the nature of the problem.  

You don't need to have a name for your problem, just tell me how it is affecting your life and what you want instead.  Then together we can eliminate the problem and replace it with peace, happiness and success.

I provide several MP3 audio tracks to listen to at home and email support between sessions.

Did you know that your behaviour is driven by the thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious mind.  By changing what your subconscious mind thinks and believes it means your thought process and behaviour will change.  

Hypnosis and PSYCH-K are fast and effective ways to update your subconscious mind with the enabling beliefs that you need to change your life.

The change is long lasting and you can begin to become your unique and amazing self. 

I believe that everyone already has what they need to be amazing.  Sometimes people just need a little help to find or rediscover it. 

Take fears of flying or heights as an example. When people are no longer terrified to fly, go up the Eiffel tower they feel amazing and can't believe they have conquered something that held them back so much in their life. 

Their beliefs now enabling them to achieve their goals, as opposed to limiting their potential in life

It's not what happens in life that matters, but what you make of it.

This means it is the meaning that you give to an experience, that is important.  It is this meaning or belief that drives your behaviour. 

If your subconscious mind has decided an object or situation is to be feared or avoided and it is causing you stress and anxiety then we can change this.  People who were once afraid of dogs, needles or MRI machines are able to embrace them with comfort and confidence.

We will only talk about a problem to understand how it feels so that we can change the feeling and so resolve the problem.  This is done using Hypnosis, NLP and PSYCH-K techniques. 


You could be surprised at how much you gain from the sessions and forget to remember how things used to be.  Sessions are designed to help you feel good about yourself, more in control and free from your problem.   

People generally have Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K to change a behaviour or a negative feeling.  They achieve this goal and so much more.  They leave the sessions feeling relaxed yet focused, optimistic and centred.

If you want to change any area of your life including self-esteem, health, wealth, career, relationships or behaviours then contact me to discuss how Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K can help you achieve your goal. Both Hypnotherapy Reading and Marlow clinics are located in the town centre. Click here for directions to my Caversham, Marlow and Reading Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Enjoy happiness with hypnotherapy & PSYCH-K

Why should I try Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K®?

It's fast effective and it works.

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Change is easily achieved at my hypnotherapy Reading clinic