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Find peace & joy with Cognitive Hypnotherapy 

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, at a crossroads or seeking to reignite your passion for life.  You are in the right place if you’re seeking a fast and effective way to overcome feelings, thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back.  

I specialise in anxiety, trauma, insomnia, loss, relationships, overwhelm and adverse childhood experiences.  I draw upon my expertise to guide you towards peace, positivity and contentment.

With my unique approach combining Cognitive Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K, you can achieve profound results in six sessions, which is half the sessions required for other therapies.  I offer weekend appointments in Marlow, Reading and Caversham.

I invite you to contact me for a free 20-minute telephone consultation to find out more. 07919 577 512  

Problems Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with

CLICK ON a problem below to find out more about how I can help.  I have highlighted just some of the problems I can help you with but if you don't see your problem below then contact me because if your mind is involved then its highly likely I can help you. 


Questions about hypnotherapy

CLICK ON any of the questions below to discover more about this liberating talking therapy. 

I hope to answer your questions but if you cannot find the answer then please call me for a chat.  

Client Testimonials

CLICK ON any of the testimonials below to read many more reviews people who have benifitted.

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