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Depression & sadness

Here are some common symptoms of depression:

1. Sadness and low mood on a regular basis

2. A general loss of interest in things

3. Normal daily tasks feel exhausting

4. Changes in sleep patterns

5. Poor concentration 

7. Problems with decision making

6. Feeling very restless or impatient

8. Developing an unhelpful focus on death

9. Feeling worthless or guilty

10. Self-medication: using alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs more than usual

If you are suffering from symptoms of depression or sadness then call me to explore what Cognitive Hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K can do for you.  


I can help you to update your subconscious beliefs.  Beliefs drive behaviour.  Which means, if you have enabling beliefs then your conscious behaviour will enable you to achieve your goals. 


You could notice more and more light at the end of the tunnel as you look forward to more and more of what life can offer.