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Anxiety & Sleep

Anxiety and panic attacks

"I went to see Samantha due to suffering from anxiety and panic attacks after having my second child. Samantha immediately relaxed me and put me at ease with her calming tone, and I felt very comfortable discussing my personal issues. I had multiple sessions of hypnotherapy, and these have made a huge difference in my outlook on life. The sessions were highly effective; she has a professional and friendly manner, and I just wish I had been sooner. I have no hesitation in recommending Samantha to anyone."

Stress and anxiety work

"Samantha has helped me to significantly reduce my level of stress and anxiety, which I have been experiencing for a very long time due to a busy lifestyle and work. She also assisted me in developing the best version of myself so that I can reach my goals and achieve what I want. Her tailored approach guides us to develop a bespoke plan fully suitable for my needs and expectations. She has used a combination of Psych-K and NLP techniques, and the sessions have been all highly effective with very quick results. She is very professional and extremely friendly, which makes me feel very comfortable. I can only recommend anyone to use her services."  

Stress and anxiety

"In just 3 sessions Samantha managed to help me significantly with my stress and anxiety, I am a much calmer person now.  Her personalised meditations were an added bonus.  5 stars from me!"

Driving and anxiety

"Samantha has helped me become a calmer version of myself and I cannot thank her enough. Before the sessions, I would worry about the future day in and day out, now, I am more curious about the future, which is really exciting. Also, Samantha helped me with the anxiety of driving and being a passenger following a car accident, I now feel safe and relaxed in the car, which after 2.5 years of being an awful person to travel with, is amazing! I would recommend Samantha 100%, and thank you soooo much for your time." 

Needle phobia

"I have had a needle phobia that started in childhood and as I have got older the phobia had become a very frequent cause of anxiety and fear for me, particularly after Covid and its related vaccines.  Earlier this year, before the Autumn round of flu and COVID boosters, I decided that hypnotherapy could be the answer. As soon as I met Samantha, she put me at ease. She is empathetic, reassuring, and kind and never made me feel foolish about my fears (which were a little more complex than I realised). She used a variety of techniques to help me overcome my dread of, even seeing a syringe let alone, having an injection. In fact, she had an arsenal of methods she employed to help me understand and beat my phobia.

Since working with Samantha, I have had a blood test and a flu jab without any of my previous panic. I just wish I had reached out to her years ago and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Limiting beliefs & trapped emotions 

"I wholeheartedly recommend Samantha Grant to anyone seeking to enhance their life and unlock greater freedom and abundance. Samantha is a true gem - gentle, patient, trustworthy, and highly professional.  I have always felt safe in expressing my emotions and sharing my experiences with Samantha, knowing that her compassion and understanding create a supportive space for personal growth. She has a remarkable ability to identify and address blockages, including limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that may be holding you back. In each session, I not only felt heard and understood but also gained valuable insights and practical techniques to navigate life's challenges.  What impressed me most about Samantha is her dedication to helping clients make significant breakthroughs. With her guidance, I experienced profound personal growth and a newfound sense of empowerment."

Fear of Flying
Fear of flying


"I contacted Samantha to finally resolve a fear of flying which had got progressively worse over the last 10 years. It was a very approachable step-by-step process we went through combining Samantha’s different techniques. This addressed some of the core feelings and emotions I was having which has also benefited me in being generally less anxious! I had a flight a few days after we finished our series of sessions and it was a complete transformation.   We fortunately/unfortunately had “severe” turbulence on a flight within the US and I no longer had that instant reaction of fear and was able to get on with watching a film!"

Fear of flying

"I went to see Samantha to help with my fear of flying. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable discussing my fears and anxieties with her. After only one session, my holiday flights were a completely different experience than previous flights in the last few years! During the flight, I used the techniques Samantha had shown me and even coped with the mild turbulence really well. Samantha has a very calming demeanour and puts you instantly at ease.  I look forward to working with her again & would highly recommend her." 

Business coaching

"Samantha has helped me to overcome professional and personal challenges and improve my energy levels. Her techniques also pushed me to take immediate action and accelerate the development of my business.”  

Low self-esteem & stress

"I was relieved to find Samantha when I was feeling very stressed about work and suffering from low self-esteem. Her techniques have helped me to calm my core again and to regain confidence in my abilities and trust in myself and my values. She has a wonderful, calming manner, and I really enjoyed the four sessions I had with her, coming away happier, more content and more positive about the future.”  


"I went to see Samantha about my IBS, which she undoubtedly has helped me to control but, in doing so, has uncovered and dealt with a whole host of other challenges that were stressing me out.

Thank you, Samantha. "  

Life Changing Therapy

"I have seen Samantha for three different issues and each was dealt with very effectively. I was very impressed by her calming approach and how the core of the problems I was experiencing were so powerfully targeted. She has shown how it is possible to change my long held negative thinking by hypnotherapy and psych k. I am so grateful to her for showing me a different way to be. "  

Wonderful and so helpful

"Samantha is so kind, empathetic and genuine. I feel at ease in every session, allowing me to explore areas really gently but also confidently and safely. There’s no end to Samantha’s talents, and her array of techniques means there is always something for everyone. She has really helped me through a tough time, and I wouldn’t have managed without her. Thank you!" 

Calming and effective

"My four sessions with Samantha Grant were highly effective. Each session was calming and enjoyable and helped me tackle my feelings of overwhelm and ruminating thoughts. I now feel more at ease with myself and there are more laughs in our household as a result."  

Happier and calmer

"Samantha is a very empathetic, kind and unjudgmental person, making it very easy to open up to her. She has really helped me, and I am feeling much happier and calmer as a result." 

Positive and successful experience

"I can highly recommend Samantha Grant's hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K sessions - I found them to be enlightening and astonishingly effective. I left each session feeling a little lighter and brighter, able to tackle my concerns or fears head-on. I learnt to reframe my thinking, understand the origin of some learned behaviours, and move on positively. Not only that, she has a lovely, calming presence, and I looked forward to every session I had with her."  

Creative block

"Samantha is a wonderful person and practitioner. Samantha helped me work though a creative block in my professional work. In a few sessions we had smashed through it and came out the other side feeling focussed and clear with direction and momentum. Way more than I expected. Highly recommend."  

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Insomnia and low self-worth

"I came to see Samantha suffering from insomnia and low self-worth. She has a lovely accepting manner which enables you to really open up, and she seems to intuitively know where the problem lies and how to move forward. She sent me mp3,s to listen to at home, which are extremely helpful. My insomnia has greatly improved, and I now feel much more accepting and happy with myself."

Sleep & anxiety

"I came to see Samantha with a number of issues mainly revolving around anxiety which were affecting my day to day life. Samantha was very kind and made me feel very comfortable from the start. After the first week I began to see differences and by the end of our sessions, I have seen a massive difference in my life. Sleeping problems due to anxiety was my biggest problem and after seeing Samantha this is no longer a problem for me. We also covered general anxiety, public places and driving anxiety which have all improved making my life a lot more easier. Would definitely recommend seeing Samantha as she has helped me feel comfortable and relaxed again. Thank you Samantha."

Sleep, self-worth and motivation

"My 15 year old Son has suffered from anxiety, self-worth and lack of motivation about school. Samantha has been so helpful; he already seems so much brighter and ready to tackle any tasks which come his way.  He is sleeping better and is generally all round a much happier person. Samantha has a very friendly manner, and my son was very happy to open up to her. I would highly recommend seeing her and happy to go back if needed."

Dealing with past traumas

"I had a fantastic journey with Samantha dealing with past traumas I knew I had and some I forgot I had!  Samantha is softly spoken, engages so well, takes a complete interest in what you have to say, and works out your trauma or problems in a very delicate manner. I would highly recommend Samantha, even if you need someone to talk! But she is certainly there to work on your problems!"

Mental health

"I went to see Samantha after struggling with my mental health following some health issues. I had four sessions with her, and the difference between how I was at the beginning to how I was at the end was immense. She has a very calming manner about her and is lovely to talk to, as well as being very skilled at hypnotherapy and PSYCH K. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having a difficult time."  

Chronic Pain

"I got in contact with Samantha, having suffered from some severe bouts of anxiety and low mood due to chronic pain. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but felt that unless the pain was taken away, I’d never feel myself again. Samantha has completely changed my outlook on pain and life in general. After four sessions, I feel far more positive, energetic and confident, and as a result, the pain has eased too. I highly recommend getting in contact with her!" 

Life was falling apart

"a few months ago, I was dealing with a huge change in my life: my long-term relationship ended, my business was going through a challenging time, and I was creatively in limbo. I had watched a few Bruce Lipton videos on youtube the previous summer. What caught my attention was the idea that "your life is a printout of your subconscious beliefs." Fast forward to winter 2020, my life was falling apart, and I decided I needed to try "updating" my subconscious. To be honest, it was a bit of a desperate effort.


I was very angry at God or the universe for how my life had turned out... I had tried many times before to reprogram my subconscious (affirmations, visualizing, hypnosis, meditation, psychotherapy... you name it, I tried it), but nothing ever really "stuck." I decided to give it a shot, it was worth at least trying.  I tested several practitioners and finally found Samantha. She was effective right from the start. First, we addressed the relationship between my business, money, and music. That seemed to remove some of the internal conflicts I was experiencing. Then we worked more specifically on creativity, and I found myself writing music every day (I now have a large body of music which I'm in the process of recording and I'm very excited about). Then we addressed more deeply my relationship with money and my business, and now I am making a big shift in my business model and doing it with much less internal struggle or stress. It feels like it's taking much less effort to do the important things now... 


I've had 10 sessions so far. The first 6 were weekly, then I've been scheduling a session when I've felt something blocking me. I feel pretty good now, and when I look back, I see a huge shift in my life (music, business, personal relationship) that occurred so naturally and effortlessly that it's almost as if I didn't "do" anything.  Samantha's great. Psy-K is unexpectedly effective. I could not have said that after a few sessions, but after four months and 10 sessions, I'm pretty convinced now that this stuff is real. I see it in my life. The "printout" is a lot better than four months ago!" 


"I contacted Samantha following a bout of depression that was lingering.   Using hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K and NLP she has enabled me to regain confidence in myself.  She has been supportive, friendly and very professional throughout the treatment. Her approach is very gentle. I would not hesitate in recommending her."

Anger & low self-esteem

"I saw Sam following a very difficult few years, where I was suffering from stress and anxiety at events out of my control, as well as dealing with feelings of anger, loss and low self-esteem.  Sam used a mixture of PSYCH-K and NLP, and I can now begin to view my life and future in a different way. She is extremely understanding, reassuring and calm.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her."


"So happy I found Samantha! She has such a warm and empathetic manner that I don’t think you come across often. I fully put my trust in Samantha right after our first meeting, something I think is rare with any therapist. She seems to be so in tune with your exact needs at that moment and adapts her session with you accordingly. I’m truly grateful for the help Samantha has given me. I am also very grateful for the MP3s she makes me to listen to at home. I highly recommend Samantha." 


"Fantastic hypnotherapy sessions aimed at letting go of the fears which were holding me back and causing me stress. I feel much more relaxed now as things that would have made me step back in the past no longer bother me.   I felt very peaceful after leaving each of her sessions.  Samantha is incredibly friendly, professional and a great listener. I would like to thank her for her time, patience and huge knowledge.  Thank you, Samantha, for making me feel free!" 

Reward eating

"about a year ago, I started seeing Samantha to help with my frustration with annoying noises (drips, people eating and chewing loudly etc) and I have to say It certainly has helped me immensely.....I have also seen Samantha for Psych K to help with emotional eating and can honestly admit that I have noticed a massive difference, and truly feel like I have changed my belief system when it comes to reward-eating. Thank you, Sam for helping me."

Reward eating
Confidence, assertiveness & speaking up

"Samantha's sessions really helped me. Samantha was so approachable, and I instantly felt comfortable and able to open up to discuss and explore my feelings. I actually went to see Samantha about infertility anxieties but discovered I had other issues with confidence and self-acceptance. After just four sessions, I found that at work, I was much more assertive, was able to speak up for myself and had self-respect and belief in my abilities.   Many thanks for all of your help." 

Confidence and self-belief

"I can't thank Samantha enough. Such a kind, sincere, approachable and empathetic girl with an immediate awareness of what's required in order to help her clients achieve amazing outcomes. For me, I learned so much regarding my self-limiting beliefs and how they were inhibiting the future I wanted. Now I have so much more confidence and belief in myself. I'm moving forward now in a new and rewarding career with no more self-doubt and fear. So much happier and healthier.  Thank you so much, Samantha."

Anxiety & confidence

"Samantha helped me with anxiety and confidence building. I am generally more relaxed than I used to be."  

Feeling stuck - New Career

"I was initially sceptical that hypnotherapy, Psych-K, or in fact, anything at all could make me feel better. Immediately after my first session, I didn't feel any different, but for the following week, I noticed my mood had lifted, I had more motivation, and I was getting excited about things for the first time in months. I had three more sessions after this, and after each one, I felt lighter and back to my normal self (and even better).

I have suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence for as long as I can remember, but this has improved significantly since seeing Samantha. We also worked on my relationship with money and envisioning an amazing job/training opportunity that I really wanted but did not believe I had a chance of getting - I almost didn't bother filling out the application. I felt stuck and hopeless in pretty much every area of my life. Two weeks after that session with Samantha, I went to the interview and got the job! I genuinely believe Samantha had a lot to do with making this possible.  I cannot thank her enough for how much she has helped me. I am so grateful and would not hesitate to go back to Samantha in future if I ever found myself feeling low again. She has transformed my relationship with myself and my life." 

Emotional Eating

"I initially met with Samantha to tackle my issues around my weight but found myself instead, working through other areas of my life that had impacted on me emotionally, using hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K. I was a complete sceptic about PSYCH-K but have found that the areas we focussed on with PSYCH-K have seen a real, and for the majority of them, lasting change...and feel a difference in many areas of my life, including my emotional approach to eating!          Thank you, Samantha"

Wedding speech nerves

"I saw Samantha for wedding day speech nerves. I wanted the speech to be perfect, which meant not dreading it, no sweaty palms, fast breathing or stomach in bits. I wanted to look confident and deliver it well. On that day, I hardly thought about the imminent speech. When the time came, I was actually looking forward to it and even managed to ad-lib a couple of bits. I felt great and stood up feeling confident. I paused at the right moments during the speech and spoke clearly and at the right speed. Samantha really helped me to feel calm and feel confident.  If I need to speak in public again I know it will be easy with no anxiety." 


"Having seen Samantha to help with giving up smoking, I would not hesitate to recommend her. I had two sessions with her and have not smoked since. She has a relaxed and reassuring way with her and I will definitely be recommending to friends in the future. Will also be back myself for some more help with weight loss.  Many thanks Samantha"

Smoking, anxiety & depression


"I visited Samantha as I wanted to stop my 20 a day smoking habit. Not only did Samantha work with me on this, but we also spent time dealing with my anxiety and depression. Samantha has a seemingly natural ability to make you feel deeply relaxed and comfortable. I didn't feel as though I was "having therapy", rather that Samantha and I were working together to improve my overall well-being."     

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