A session is between 75 and 90 minutes and consist of PSYCH-K®, NLP and hypnotherapy with a hypnotherapy MP3 to listen to at home between sessions.


During the Cognitive Hypnotherapy part of the session you are fully awake and seated in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed.  When you are focused on our conversation your attention narrows this state is known as a trance/hypnosis.


It is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and the best part is that we are updating your subconscious mind so it thinks and behaves in the way that you want it to.  You adhere to your usual moral standards, you are in full control and your memory is in no way altered. 

During the PSYCH-K® part of the session we update your subconscious mind which involves standing, sitting, eyes open, then closed, concentrating, and speaking.  This is very much a 'doing' technique and change is felt immediately  It also uses muscle testing to assist in its approach. 

Enjoy more positivity

Using PSYCH-K and Hypnotherapy I can offer deep change that is lasting and life-changing. I can help you to feel more positive, confident, motivated, relaxed and content.

As a child, we often feel like this but somewhere along life’s path, these moments become fewer. We experience more of the difficulties, hardships, struggles, fears, worries, and disappointments in life.

Life still offers millions of opportunities to feel these positive feelings it's just that your mind is no longer focusing on them.  You are not consciously aware of this and you probably feel that life is just hard with struggles and worries.


But that’s not the way it has to be.


The way your subconscious mind thinks and feels affects your attitudes, behaviours, expectations and interactions.  The way we interact with the world affects the way that the world interacts with us.  When you update your subconscious with the right beliefs about yourself and the world around you then your behaviour will reflect this.  You can achieve your goals, whether they be to feel good about yourself, positive about life or to make something happen in your life.