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Men's Mental Health can be improved easily and quickly

Updated: Mar 12

The most important thing to say about Men's Mental Health is:

‘You are not stuck with the way you are feeling, it can be changed easily & quickly'

Currently, 60% of my clients are men which means the awareness raised by campaigns like the recent ‘November is Men's Mental Health Month’ are working!

The positive shift in attitudes is evident as more individuals recognise the importance of seeking assistance to help them transform their emotional well-being, a practice which is now akin to visiting the gym to keep your body in great condition. For you to be the amazing human being that you are, you need to have a healthy mind and a body because they work together. When both are thriving, they propel you towards success, achievement, positivity and motivation.

Mental health is the amalgamation of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. Feeling comfortable, content, motivated, and optimistic indicates robust mental health. However, periods of feeling down, anxious, stressed and with low self esteem or confidence may signal a need for a mental health boost, a process that, remarkably, can occur in less than six sessions.

Age isn’t a factor with mental health and a person can suddenly struggle at any time in their life, even after feeling great for 50 years. Without reason or cause. and often when everything is perfect at home, work and in relationships, a niggling feeling may start that reappears and can grow to be a daily part of life. For some men, this negative feeling has been with them for so long that it feels normal and just a part of life.

Stress and pressure can trigger a period of negative emotions and thoughts and the sooner you address them the sooner you can change them and feel like your old self again.

The type of problems that men present are of course wide and varied but some common themes include:

· Intrusive thoughts

· Feeling overwhelmed

· Lacking zest for life

· Lack of confidence

· Feeling insecure in certain situations

· Feeling low, sad or depressed

· Feeling under threat and reacting defensively

· Not feeling good enough or deserving

· Sabotaging behaviour

· Unresolved issues

In sessions, we never talk about a problem with the hope that it will change, simply by talking about it. We only talk about a problem/feeling so that we can change how you feel about it. I use several techniques designed to CHANGE mental health permanently, including Hypnotherapy, NLP and PSYCH-K. Whether the problem has started now, in the past or if it is a problem with how you perceive your future, these techniques will change how you feel.

It is not what happens to you in life that matters, it's what you make of it, and your subconscious mind will make something of whatever happens to you. Sometimes that is good and helpful and allows you to learn and grow and move forward in life, other times it can glean the wrong meaning and form a belief that will hold you back in relationships, career, success, happiness and life.

I offer a free 20-minute telephone consultation where you can discuss how you are feeling and how transformational therapy can help change your mental health easily and permanently.

Just to reiterate: you are not stuck with this feeling!

Samantha Grant, Transformational Therapist in Marlow and Reading email me at or call 07919 577 512



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